Live Work Addition

This project is essentially a home office.

Wanting to spend more of their work hours close to family, an international couple, who each own their own international businesses, asked us to provide private office spaces as well as a shared conference room for teleconferences and entertaining areas for business events.

At the end of an existing long driveway, a new parking court serves both house and office. Entry to the new office wing is via a bridge across a narrow water weir.

From there, a new lateral entry hall connects to the existing house via the kitchen at one end and terminates at a new stair connecting all 3 levels at the other end. Along the length of the new hall is accesses to porches and terraces that can be used by both house and office.

At the basement level of the existing house, additional private areas serve the family needs.

Both new office and existing home overlook a new formal lawn that opens in turn to the forest and river beyond.

All photos: Anice Hoachlander/Hoachlander Davis Photography