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Stone House

This new house, in an established neighborhood of ample houses on even more ample lots, takes its cues from the site. Restrictive zoning setbacks and a desire by both owner and architect to limit the impact of the house on the site and streetscape conspired to push the house to the corner of the property most distant from both street frontages. Preservation of an existing stream bank and numerous mature trees that make for a park-like setting determined the orientation and approach. By entering the site from the secondary road through an archway and into an entry court, the view toward the stream is withheld until one enters the house, allowing rooms and terraces overlooking the view to maintain their privacy from the approach.

The house is simply organized as four 18-foot-wide parallel wings of stone and slate with copper-roofed connections. These wings surround two exterior spaces, the entry court and the more private pool court, and break the house into a series of smaller parts helping to both break down the overall scale and to create a village-like assemblage within.